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Vero Beach Wedding caterers



How to find Wedding Caterers



Sourcing good Vero Beach Wedding caterers on your wedding day can be a challenge, as you’re already going to have a lot on your plate (pun intended!) – howeverCompanies Catering can offer a number of tips to help you. A lot of advice can also be found our the more general guide to choosing caterers.


It is important to realise the how crucial choosing the right caterer is, as the wedding breakfast (see below for an explanation of why it is called this) is often the first time guests can come together, relax and celebrate your wedding – a good (or bad) caterer will make all the difference at this crucial time.


What is a Wedding Breakfast?

A wedding breakfast is the word given to the meal offered to guests and relatives at a wedding, at the wedding reception. The name ‘wedding breakfast’ is unusual, as nowadays the meal is usually in the evening. It is a uniquely British phrase and is not used throughout the world. It is thought to come from pre-Reformation times, when the soon-to-be-married couple would literally ‘break their fast’, which they had to undertaken in order to receive communion at their wedding.


Looking for a caterer

Of course, we would recommend that you look for caterers though thereview system and forum available on Companies Catering, where you can also get a number of free quotes. But there are other ways of looking for caterers too:

Ask for recommendations from friends and family. Also speak to those involved in the wedding, like the photographer, the wedding venue and your florist; they will have seen many catered events, so will be able to suggest good Vero Beach Wedding caterers based on past events. It is still worth reading reviews of these caterers however, as there may be a vested interest in these suggestions.


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Take a look at directories and wedding magazines for lists of Vero Beach Wedding caterers – obviously we would point you to our own caterer directorytoo. Also, why not think about asking your favourite restaurant for a quote to do the catering? There is a good chance they will be able to assist and may have done many such events in the past. Of course, you will need to make sure they have the correct equipment and staff levels to handle large events, as this may be outside their normal comfort zone.

It is strongly recommended that, when you have outlined that catering companies you wish to use for your wedding, you pay them a visit to check out their premises and equipment. You should also certainly ask for a tasting as this allows you to assess their food, as well as choosing the dishes you like best. You can also assess how clean their premises are, and don’t forget to ask them to show you how they plan to transport your food and the cooking equipment to your wedding.

Ask for testimonials – previous customers will certainly have left feedback. Don’t forget, however, that this will be the best examples of catering that company can offer. You should ask for historical testimonials as well as more recent ones (within the last few weeks).


Wedding Menu

Choosing your wedding menu is also important – we have another guidehere that helps you choose food for your wedding.


You will discover that along with the history and beauty of the area. that there are is a great source of excellent wedding professionals that are more than happy to lend their years of experience to ensure you have the most romantic and cost effective wedding destination possible.

What are you waiting for? Contact one of our professionals listed here in and find many perfect Vero Beach Wedding caterers today!


Vero Beach Wedding caterers